The story behind the CD by Bill Breslin



In the late 1990's , one of the men looking for records for me in St. Petersburg sent a FAX to say he had found a Zvukopis record of Heifetz playing as a 10 year old .
My Russian collector friends explained to me that when Heifetz had first appeared at the conservatory for audition by Leopold Auer , the teacher was so impressed that he immediately arranged for Heifetz to give a concert inthe conservatory concert hall .
The concert was sensational !
The two businessmen who had only recently formed the small record company  Zvukopis which functioned from 1911 -1913 immediately agreed a contract with Heifetz to make some recordings and it was one of these which which my contact had found .
When I visited St. Petersburg later that year , my contact showed me a number of records which I purchased , but there was no mention of the Heifetz .
I asked about it and , without a word , my contact produced a record sleeve and poured the Heifetz in four pieces on to the table in front of me . In my experience , many Russian collectors store records in the sleeves in which they find them and this was the case in this instance .The sleeve was torn and it was explained to me that when my contact had pulled the adjoining record from his shelves , the torn cover had caught in the central aperture of the emerging record sleeve and the Heifetz had fallen on to the stone floor and broken into four pieces .
Just about two years ago my contact died and I purchased all his stock from his widow .
To my surprise the broken Heifetz was there !

One of the customers of  The Gramophone Emporium enjoys making CDs and it was suggested that he might attempt to clamp the Heifetz and rerecord it .
This he has done with considerable success and so the Emporium is pleased to offer a free CD copy of the illustrated record to all buyers from the set price lists which are about to be offered .

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